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Monday, 2 July 2012

I Swear I'm a Sailor!

I have recently given a lot of thought to my use of swearing. It is true that I swear a lot.
This is something that I hope to curb. A recent study said that swearing is more addictive than smoking (B*ll£*%s! Smoking is a deeply unattractive and insatiable vice).

Recently I responded to a thread on a boating forum to someone asking for photo's and information on the Irene of Bridgewater. I shamelessly plugged my blog posts hoping that they might find it interesting. Word got around and I saw that one reader was so offended that not only did they refuse to visit my blog but they also refused to show any future interest in the Irene!! I thought that this was a great shame as I never set out to damage the reputation of any individual or boat that I write about.

Saying that, I had quite a rant regarding the Bristol Hydrogen Boat Company without even using a rude word. I was asked to take it down as my opinion was far too one-sided (obviously) and in fairness I lacked both sides of the argument. I removed the post within 5 minutes of the request.*

I never use 'offensive' words to offend when I write. I merely write what was said or what I have been thinking. In my accounts of capsizing I felt that the use of swearing reiterated my feelings. It is for such moments in life that swearing was invented, I'm sure of it.

I too have tried to affiliate my blog with other web sites and bodies such as the RYA and Henri Lloyd and due to perceivably offensive content I have been refused.

My quandary is this, I have a group of avid readers that seem not to be offended by what I write. Yet by using such words am I restricting a potential future audience? An audience that I would like to have on board with me.
Should I go through my entire list of posts and sensor what I have written?
If you have felt offended by my site or have a view on this then PLEASE COMMENT using the fancy 'comment' button below.

* I still however disagree that a Hydrogen powered future is sustainable. I may write some more about it. Offer evidence without opinion and nurture a debate. I hope that I can write a post in the future with my tail between my legs having been convinced that I am wrong.


  1. writing is the voice of the subconsiouse, uninterupted and sincere in its expression. although you are writing in order that readers are able to share your journey-it is your journey and your journey alone-therefore to dilute your experience would be a mockery of your truth. :)

  2. to write is to materialize the quiet voice of the subconsiouse- uninterupted and sincere. you write in oder that the reader is able to share your experience so that factor should always be kept in mind-but it is imperitive to not write with always the reader in mind. a shared journey through the literary sence is a privilage and therefore it should not be dilluted as that would certainly be but a mockery to your truth.
    express yourself in whatever fucking way you please dear sir

  3. Thank you anons, very nicely put too.


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