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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Busy Busy, Old Salts and Flag Etiquette

It has been a busy few days on Falmouth harbour. I have spent two days tidying the Bosun's stores, a large workshop aboard 'Matthew' that has been wanting an extensive sort out for years now.
Also on the agenda is sanding. This is a constant must on a wooden boat and like the Forth Bridge, the maintenace never stops.

This has all had to occur around the swathes of visitors to the boat. I do enjoy the public's interest. It makes me realise that it is indeed a remarkable vessel and I am truly lucky to have a part in it's running. I can engage for hours with persons about the Matthew, answer the same questions and tolerate idiotic questions.
There are times however when my sense of humour trip switch just flicks.
A well spoken gentleman shouted down to me from the quayside.

"Excuse me, may I enquire as to why you are flying your ensign (National boaty flag) at half mast and the Cornish flag at full mast?"

Of course you may enquire, though please don't be offended that I don't have an answer for you. We have seen in excess of 500 people visiting our little boat in only a few days.

"Oh yes, I think maybe some one may have moved it, though I must admit I've not kept a close eye."

He seemed remarkably offended at this.


Dick head. It's just a flag. I know I know, it stands for a lot etc... Though I would rather a nation be defined by the action of it's citizens and policies than what colour it's flag is and how high it flies. If this thing get's you so annoyed that you can happily shout at a fellow citizen rather than help them to understand why such etiquette is important. Then Fuck off and leave me alone.

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