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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Knot So Clever

I thought that it was about time for some fun with ropes. 
My shipmate, and mate mate Sacha is here to help talk us through some extremely useful yet lesser known knots. For any standard knots like the half hitch, bowline, reef knot and so on I recommend typing 'knots' into a search engine. There are thousands of sites to cater for your knot tying needs.

On Ship's Blog According to Thom, we shall be looking at the rare, fun and silly knots. There will be a how to video and a knot in use video.

I have got more planned throughout this particular voyage, as often as I can I will get old salts, vagabonds and rogues to share with us their favorite knots or fancy bits of rope work.


We generally set our sails by bringing the yard down to the deck and untying the gasket ropes that keep the sails furled. We then unfurl them and then raise them to let the wind do it's thing. This is quite consuming, especially of energy and of time. We have used the following method in order to set the sails more swiftly. This means more sailing. Win win!
So, here's Sacha 'Slasher' Hall with the first one...

This clip shows the topsail being unfurled. The line is left hanging in front of the sail purely to show the knot in action. this would usually be behind the sail. 
So there one has it. not such a difficult knot to tie, extremely useful and all yours.

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