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Friday, 8 April 2011

Take it easy.

Why hurry? The sun is shining, the sea is lapping against the wooden hull and the trees on the hill are getting greener. None of these seem to be in much of a rush. So what's mine? 

I have just traveled down from Bristol which is generally known for it's easy pace and bohemian tendencies. I am still very much on 'Bristol time'. I have to be here, need to be there, want to fit this in to my day &cetera. This relaxed pace is obviously too much, for if you keep heading West something wonderful happens...

I have returned to the Matthew and waiting here for me, and you if you so choose, is the primitive urge to relax and take things easy. There are still jobs to be done and work to be carried out however. I've scratched the first job from my list already, this was to make a list. Done.

Completed also are the orders of diesel, gas, oil, spare parts for the engine, beer for the bar and pasties for tomorrow's evening sail into the Fal. I even felt compeled to soak down the deck with a good dose of salt water. Hopefully by the end of the trip the decks will take in the salt, expand and stop the leaks. This is another one of those jobs that you can do it every day and OVER TIME it shall work. With any luck, over time, I won't have a leak on my bunk.

This seems like an incredibly busy day for some. Though none of the items that have been ordered are here yet.

"I'll do it directly." Is what I was told, so directly it shall be!

What a wonderful saying, for 'directly' in Cornwall could be anything from one hour to a month or so. You would think that without any burdens or worries to weigh you down that one would be moving faster. This is not the case here, any bustle is purely by incident.
So whilst I have no fuel to put into our tanks, oil for the engine, gas for the cooker or beer to quaff, sorry, to restock the bar, I shall just have to wait. Fettling and pottering about the boat finding an odd job here and there shall suffice.

So for a while I shall be extremely busy taking it easy, along with Cornwall so as the rest of the world doesn't have to.

I advise everyone to try this. You still can be the best you can be by going at your own pace rather than an expected pace. 
Breathe in deep. Look up high, and slow down before you miss the point.

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